Pre School (Duckling)

Preschool: 36 months - 48 months

A preschooler’s world of learning really opens as they become more agile, learn complex skills, and begin to mix and mingle more with others. Our Preschool Program introduces language, math, science, and social skills in a fun and accessible way that encourages learning one step at a time. Your child will create science experiments and artwork and will be encouraged to explore and challenged to learn, all while making friends and developing self-confidence. At no time will a preschool child be left alone.

Program features include:

• Portfolio collections that capture your child’s work and unique creative expression.
• Engaging units that encourage curiosity, self-direction, and confidence.
Fun memory games to strengthen their executive function skills.
Opportunities for hands-on experiences-such as creating collages-that combine creative expression and tactile experiences.
Daily small groups that promote skill development.
• Early childhood development research provides the foundation for each product within our solution for preschool. Read an independent study exploring the effectiveness of The Creative Curriculum for Preschool.
• Balance academic rigor with a whole-child approach. Learn more about the whole-child approach reflected in our solution for preschool.
• Aligned to early learning development (ELDS) Standards while focusing on the needs of each individual child.
• Our objectives for development and learning enable teachers to see children’s development and learning along a progression across the whole of the early childhood years.