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Welcome to Heritage Early Learning Center, where quality, faith-based childcare meets kindness, creativity, and compassion. Established in 2021, our center has a unique story of resilience and dedication to providing exceptional care for children in our community.

Our journey began years ago when we first owned this daycare. After selling it and moving on, we were dismayed that the subsequent owners closed the doors and ceased operations. Determined to uphold our commitment to the children and families we served, we returned to re-open the center under a new name.

What Sets Us Apart

At our center, we believe in transparency and accessibility. Unlike traditional centers, we have an open-door policy where families can interact directly with their child’s teachers, fostering a sense of trust and collaboration. We’re also the only Step Up To Quality Center in St. Clairsville & Barnesville!

We Earned The Promise Inclusion Grant, Demonstrating Our Ability To Be An Inclusive Center In Actively Working With Children With Disabilities.

What Matters Most to Our Families

While many families are drawn to our center for our acceptance of subsidized care, they stay for the quality of care and the kindness of our staff. With over 30 years of daycare experience and a strong background in business ownership, our team is passionate about providing exceptional childcare.

Our teachers hold degrees or are obtaining their Child Development Associate (CDA) certification, ensuring a high standard of education. We prioritize ongoing professional development for our staff, offering a grant program to support their educational goals. This commitment to excellence resonates with our families, creating a safe, nurturing environment for all children.

Our Core Values Shape Everything We Do:

Personal Growth

Striving for proficiency in Early Learning Standards.


Guiding decisions & teachings with faith-based principles.


Handling redirection & solution-seeking with kindness.


Finding innovative solutions in communication, learning, & problem-solving.


Meeting the emotional, social, & physical needs of children at the highest standard.


Implementing the highest standards of cleanliness in facilities, staffing behaviors, & interactions with children & families.

A Fun, Faith-Based Center Where Every Child Shines

Our teachers understand the importance of blending fun into education. Every day, your child’s curriculum combines educational concepts with engaging games, activities, and play. Rooted in faith, this immersive approach creates a hands-on early learning environment, providing your child with top-notch care and education.
A Fun, Faith-Based Center Where Every Child Shines
Star-Rated Care For Exceptional Learning

Star-Rated Care For Exceptional Learning

We’re committed to providing a safe, nurturing, transparent, and enriching environment where children can learn, grow, and thrive. Our center is rated by the state through the Step Up to Quality program, ensuring that we meet and exceed quality standards in early childhood education and care.

Guiding Our Future: Our Vision Statement

We envision a future where faith-focused quality Early Learning Centers thrive throughout Ohio. We aim to create a safe space where children can express themselves in learning and play in a kind, creative, caring, and clean environment while parents receive unwavering support in raising healthy, well-rounded individuals.

Guiding Our Future: Our Vision Statement
Our Mission

“Our mission is to provide quality, educational, and faith-based childcare in an environment that is kind, creative, caring, and clean.”

Ignite Their Early Learning Journey With The Top-Quality Care & Education They Need To Excel!

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