Heritage Christian Childcare and Early Learning Center have developed an educational curriculum that is themed-based. We have carefully developed The curriculum to implement

  • The Creative Curriculum
  • The Bible Curriculum

All of these developmental learning curriculums will allow each and every child to achieve their social and emotional skills and spiritual along with their academic level of learning throughout the years they spend with us.

The core belief in The Creative Curriculum is all children can learn and benefit from a developmentally appropriate program. Developmentally appropriate program means teaching in ways that match the way children develop and learn.

The Creative Curriculum will assist to create a learning environment that will support your child’s natural desire to explore and learn. Our educated team of teachers will provide many learning opportunities for every child through centers and shelf jobs that support and encourage a child to engage in academic learning activities.

The Bible Curriculum  – Don’t doubt that your Preschoolers can learn and understand scripture, children can learn and understand powerful Biblical truths that will stick with them for a lifetime. These scriptures will begin to open their hearts and spiritual eyes to a REAL God that loves them and wants a REAL relationship with them too