Before & After School

Fun, creative, engaging opportunities await your child on school day mornings and afternoons. Our before- and after-school program for school-age students focuses on what your child needs and enjoys most: creative play indoors and outside, homework support, and a snack to keep them energized.

This robust experience is designed to meet the needs of each individual child.

In the morning, we set your child up for success during the school day by offering a consistent morning routine with opportunities for calming activities, free play, and a whole group activity designed to encourage students to set a goal for their day ahead.

In the afternoon, your child can get the wiggles out after a day spent in the classroom. Free play as well as structured play-based activities are offered. Play-based learning enables children to build a sense of community in the classroom, enhance their creativity, and grow as collaboration. During outdoor and indoor play, your child will take on physical challenges and develop habits for a healthy lifestyle.

During afternoon sessions, we provide dedicated time for your child to receive homework support. Each school-age classroom is stocked with school supplies and educational resources to support their homework completion.

Ask your school administrator about possible transportation from your elementary school.

During you schools in service days and holidays we offer extended services for those days as well.  Please talk to the administrator about these opportunities.